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Quick Access: Forms and Info Sheets for the Kolleg für deutsche Sprache und Kultur

Application directly with the ISZ for the German language courses
Information sheet on the regular German language course at the KSK
Application form

Other Forms and Information Sheets

General information by Heidelberg University for international student applicants

Forms and information sheets for the courses and examinations offered at the International Study Centre can be downloaded from the respective web pages:

1.1 Kolleg für deutsche Sprache und Kultur
1.2 Studienkolleg
1.3 Preliminary Induction Semester ("Propädeutisches Vorsemester")
1.4 4-Week Induction Course for Prospective Students in Medical or Biological Degree Programmes ("Vierwöchiges Propädeutikum")
2.1 German Language Pre-semester Preparatory Courses for New Exchange Students at Heidelberg University
2.2 German Language Semester Courses for Exchange und Master's Degree Students at  Heidelberg University
3.1 German language courses for visiting scholars and doctoral students (PDF file)
1.1 Placement Test for the Kolleg für deutsche Sprache und Kultur (KSK)
1.2 Entrance Examination for the Studienkolleg
2.1 German Language Examination for University Entrance ("Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang" / "DSH")
2.2 Assessment Examination ("Feststellungsprüfung" / "FSP")  
2.3 Eignungsprüfung für beruflich Qualifizierte (German language page only)

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