University of Heidelberg



The International Study Centre (Internationales Studienzentrum, ISZ) is a central facility of Heidelberg University. Its aim is to prepare international students for studying at German universities by teaching them German and subject-specific knowledge.

The International Study Centre

  • offers basic and advanced courses on German language and culture,
  • offers the Obligatory Proficiency Examination (DSH) and courses that prepare students for this test,
  • provides relevant information about studying at Heidelberg or other German universities,
  • familiarizes students with German history and culture and informs them about the political and economic structures of Germany,
  • provides contacts with German and foreign students through cultural activities.

Participants in the courses of the ISZ are registered as students of Heidelberg University.

The "Internationales Studienzentrum" offers special courses in cooperation with the International Relations Division of Heidelberg University, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Ministry of the Sciences, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg and foreign universities.

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